Top 2 Best Streaming Devices in 2020

Best Streaming Devices

Hey, Are you looking for Best Streaming Devices in 2020? If yes, well, in this article, we’re breaking down the best two streaming devices on the market this year based on price-performance features.

Best Streaming Devices in 2020

Amazon Fire TV Cube 

Amazon Fire TV Cube is our first pick for the best streaming device for Amazon users under $90. The Amazon Fire TV cube is a smart streaming device that not only offers hands-free controls for video playback.

But can also do all the heavy lifting of controlling your home, making it a powerful contender as one of the best streaming video players, especially if you are already an amazon prime subscriber.

The Fire TV cube put amazon’s Alexa voice assistant in a fireTV device. Plus, it also supports the latest HDR formats, including HDR 10 +and Dolbyvision and now even has YouTube.

 The fireTV cube can do many things a fire TV operated by an echo speaker can’t do outside of hardware control, for instance, you can tell Alexa to tune in to ESPN on Xfinity Dish Network or Direct TV.

And it will change the TV input to whichever cable or satellite box is connected then change the channel on the cable box to ESPN. You can also specify the channel number you want you can also tell Alexa to tune to a specific TV show or have her simply launch the TV show on the right channel.

It is a very affordable smart streaming device and especially perfect for those already hooked into the Amazon ecosystem.

Nvidia Shield TV

Nvidia Shield TV, our pick for the best streaming device for gamers and Android users for those who prefer their streaming with a healthy side of gaming, there is none better than the Nvidia Shield TV. It is  available at just under $150 

It cased in a cylindrical black chassis. The new Nvidia Shield is the first of its kind to offer AI upscaling, which is primarily seen in high-end TVs from Samsung Sony and LG.

At almost double the price of the Amazon Fire TV cube, the shield TV is not cheap. Still, for your money, you’re getting a crazy powerful 4k HDR streaming video player support for both HDR 10 and Dolby Vision content as well as Dolby Atmos audio.

You’ll also get the newly redesigned shield remote with the latest version of Android TV and also serves as a gateway to Nvidia’s game streaming service GeForce.

Now, most of the leading players are all here, including Netflix Amazon Prime and  YouTube, and a select few of these like Netflix and Vudu offer. Dolby vision right out of the box but you won’t find apple TV here 

but with all that said one of the main reasons you’d want to pick up the Nvidia shield over say an AppleTV or an Amazon Fire TV cube is because the shield TV is not only a streaming media player,

but it’s also a microgame console capable of playing Android TVgames found on the Google Play Store, or you can stream games from Nvidia zone GeForce now service 

Something to note, unlike previous versions of shield TV, it does not come with a gaming controller, but it is compatible with both the Dual Shock 4and Xbox.

You can opt to purchase the shield gaming controller separately. The Nvidia Shield TV is a premium 4k HDR Dolby vision streaming player. It’s not the cheapest gateway into 4kstreaming. Still, it is one of the most powerful. If you’re looking to dabble in high-end formats or want a media streamer that doubles as a gaming console, then this is the player to get.

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