Top 5 Best Solar Power Bank In 2020

Best Solar Power Bank

Are you looking for the best solar power bank in 2020? If yes, Well in this article we listed here will help you decide which of the best power banks is right for your needs.

Best Solar Power Bank In 2020

1 GoerTek

The GoerTek solar power bank is the best solar charger we picked on this list. This power bank has over 600 customers reviews with excellent average ratings on Amazon.

This solar power bank is the number one position in solar battery chargers and charging kits category on Amazon

The GoerTek solar-powered bank combines four efficient solar panels. The solar panel charger built-in 25000 milliamp pure lithium polymer battery is enough to charge an iPhone XS for 7.4 times, a Galaxy S9 4.5 times and an iPad pro for 1.6 times

The blue indicator light is on when charging with the adapter, and the green indicator light is on when charging the solar panel built-in LED 36 lights with powerful Lightning function. This solar phone charger is the best choice for outdoors.

2. Blavor

The Blavor power bank is especially for outdoor enthusiasts and much more affordable. It has more than 900 customer reviews with excellent average ratings on Amazon.

This 10,000 milliampere power bank, especially for the outdoor enthusiast. itself can fully recharge around 6 hours, and it can charge iPhone 7 plus up to 2.2 times, iPhone X up to 2.3 times and iPhone 8 up to3.5 times

It has type-c a micro USB input a USB and wireless output.

This wireless power bank is up made of premium ABS fireproof materials and premium lithium polymer battery highly sturdy and durable. It’s equipped with two flashlights and encompasses lightweight and compact size.

3. Hiluckey

The Hiluckey solar charger is one of the most powerful power banks in the markets. It has over 800 custom reviews with excellent average ratings on Amazon.

With solar charging function, you don’t need to worry about running out of power. It can fully charge your iPhone and Samsung for ten plus times.

For foldable, highly efficient solar panels convert solar power into battery energy quickly. It charges by solar with 5-watt power that faster than other solar chargers, which only has one single panel.

Enjoy portable power while camping hiking, traveling expedition, and other outdoor activities.

4. NexGadget

NexGadget is easily one of the best solar power banks on the market. This power bank has over 300 customer reviews with 4.6 average ratings on amazon.

This solar power bank comes equipped with a 20,000 milliampere power battery, which will surely attract you as you’re looking for the highest battery capacity.

This will automatically adjust the output power to deliver the optimum charging that keeps your devices from overcharging over-voltage and short-circuit.

The charging speed is three to five times faster than its competitors. Also, the USB ports are waterproof, which lets you charge two devices simultaneously.

5. AddTop

The AddTop solar power bank has some features that make it favorable for outdoor usage. It has over 280 customer reviews of great average ratings on Amazon.

It comes with 25,000 milliampere battery and high-quality plastic, and synthetic leather case dual USB output ports can charge two devices simultaneously autostop when the phone is fully charged.

In ideal conditions, this device can be fully recharged in 30 hours of direct sunlight and that full charge can charge most cellphones about ten times and tablet size devices three times.

The material quality battery life and durability of the solar power bank repeatedly expressing their contentedness with the charging capability and the battery’s ability to hold its charge.


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