Best Rabbit Alternatives (Sites Like Rabbit to Watch Movies)

Best Rabbit Alternatives

Hey, Are you looking for Best Rabbit Alternatives or sites like Rabbit? to watch movies and TV shows with your friends and family without sitting in the same room.

As you know Rabbit is one of the popular platforms where people can stream movies for free and also interact, and watch content with friends or anyone at the same time.

But,  In July 2019, was acquired by Kast ( because they don’t have enough funds to run this platform. So, In this article, we are going to share Best Rabbit Alternatives to Watch Videos With Friends in 2020.

Best Rabbit Alternatives:


Metastream is our first pick in the best Rabbit alternatives because of its amazing features and its superior live synchronization playback.

  1. Watch or listen together

You can start a session and invite your friends by sharing your friend code with them and your friends will join you.

  1. Use enhanced features

New features are added on top of streaming websites such as real-time chat and timestamp markers.

  1. Build up the queue

Browse for your favorite media and add the URL to the queue. Many popular websites are already supported for playback.


Twoseven is our next pick for best Rabbit alternatives because you can watch movies, videos with your friends and family interact with them using the chat feature. Twoseven has support for Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, YouTube, Netflix and more.  But Unfortunately, Twoseven does not support for the live audio commentary.

3. Netflix Party

Netflix Party is also an amazing co-watching platform which is a great alternative to It allows you to watch Netflix together with your family and friends in synchronized video playback. It is the best to sync playback for Netflix users. But Unfortunately, it is limited to Netflix only and does not support audio and webcam.

4. Watch2gether

Watch2gether is also a popular co-watching platform. It allows you to listen to music, watch movies and also to online shopping with your loved ones. It supports Youtube, Amazon prime Vides, and Soundcloud but does not support Netflix and other popular streaming websites. It supports GIF in chat but doesn’t support audio and webcam. But Unfortunately, it shows ads in the free version so, you have to buy a premium plan for ads free.


If you’re one of the people who use Plex and love it, then you’re going to love SyncLounge also. because for plex users SyncLounge offers an amazing solution that lets you play synchronized media flawlessly. In this, you can stream Plex Library with your loves ones. It has great synchronization playback.  Yes, It support chat but does not support webcam and audio.

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