Top 5 Best Electric Pressure Washer You Can Buy

Best Electric Pressure Washer

Hey, are you looking for the Best Electric Pressure Washer? If yes, well, in this article, we listed here will help you decide which of the best power washers is right for your needs.

Best Electric Pressure Washer

  1. Sun Joe SPX3000
  2.  Powerhouse 3000 PSI
  3.  Greenworks GPW1501
  4.  Sun Joe SPX3500
  5.  Briggs & Stratton 020681

1. Sun Joe SPX3000

Sun Joe SPX 3000 is built to deal with all kinds of cleaning jobs around your home and garden, whether it is part of the house itself or some outdoor furniture. This Pressure washer is in the No.1 position in the pressure washer category on Amazon.

It can create and maintain a water pressure of up to 2030 psi enough to strip the church trade-off flow surfaces. This lets you carry up to 1.8 liters of up to two different cleaning agents adding some extra versatility to an already easy to adjust washing tool.

Five interchangeable spray nozzles offer five different levels of pressure, each being useful in a range of different situations. The twenty-foot hose and 14-inch extension and included in the box helps you reach further, while the 35-foot power cord gives you a much larger range of movement while using it.

2. Powerhouse 3000 PSI

This Powerhouse pressure water model lives up to its name both with performance and with its looks. It has a red platinum finish, and the whole body is mounted on a four-wheel system installed for convenience and easier maneuvering around the premises.

When it comes to weight is a total of 32 pounds, which makes this pressure washer quite portable and easy to store. Inside there is a quiet electric motor that can insert such an excellent powerful 3,000psi and 2.2 GM pressure making the total cleaning power of this pressure washer a solid 6600.

Together with the model, you will get five quick-connect nozzles at 0,15,25, 40 degrees and watering for car washing gutters and heavy-duty Hydrajet power washing.

3. Greenworks GPW1501

 Greenworks GPW1501  is a compact yet powerful electric pressure washer that is designed to deliver consistent bursts of soapy water.

Although its 1,500 psi power might seem low on paper, it forces the water out of a tiny nozzle at the end of 20 footlong high-pressure holes letting it completely obliterate dirt at closer distances.

The washers include a 25 and40 degree quick-connect tip for a variety of cleaning applications. The inline GFCI plug at the end of its 35foot power board means that you don’t need to run it through the inside of your home.

You can safely plug it into outdoor outlets without needing to worry about permanent damage.

4. Sun Joe SPX3500

 Sun Joe SPX3500 is a veteran in the pressure washing game, and this model proves it.  The body’s designed to represent the classic sanjo colors of black and green and it is slimmer than the average pressure washer.

This particular pressure washer weighs just over 46 pounds, and it is easy to move around thanks to the installed two-wheel system. The total cleaning power of this unit is 3000 for provided by a 2,000watts electric induction motor

The complete psi beta can insert 2300 at one point 48 gallons per minute, which is more than enough to cover all Washington needs around the yard.

This package also includes a set of five Quick Connectnozzles at 015 25 and 40 degrees a rotary brush a  deck patio attachment and in 25-foot long holes.

5. Briggs & Stratton 020681

 Briggs & Stratton 020681 is an incredibly durable and tough electric pressure washer using a carefully designed metal frame to keep it safe from physical damage and aplastic casing to protect it from weather-related damage.

It is flexible 20-foot hose allows it to spray water at a variety of different angles. Its 2000 psi spray can clean most surfaces without slowly wearing out the holes or causing any damage to the nozzle.

However, it’s still a strong enough flow of water to strip away any dirt it hits, and a detachable turbo nozzle helps increase the speed of the water without pushing is pressure any higher.


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